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Meathaus SOS

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270 pages, full color, softcover. 2008

Via Domino Books-

"Meathaus, what a moment in time. Many of the artists associated with Meathaus continue to define a certain corner of comics and animation a decade and a half after this book came out. Dash Shaw, Farel Dalrymple, Jesse Moynihan, many more...but at the time these books were coming out, it was really an event to see so many of these highly accomplished cartoonists (who seemed to have fully digested mainstream comics, art comics and manga and synthesized these styles into something new and strong: The Meathaus group) all in one place. Domino was lucky to get a few boxes of this now hard to find book, so we are offering it at half off. A real part of comics history and just a damn good anthology. If you haven't seen it, get hip."